GolBox S SPORT+FIT&FUN 12x20 - play fields for children and youth size 12x20m


Price 37 500 EUR (incl.VAT)/30 500 EUR (excl.VAT) this is the price for the basic version field GolBox S SPORT + FIT & FUN size 12x20m. To determine the conditions of an order and purchase: the cost of the substructure and surface, terms of delivery and payment, the final price, deadline - contact the supplier via the contact page:

http://golbox.eu/contact/ or send an email to: golbox@golbox.eu

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30 487,80€ tax excl. 37 500,00€ tax incl.

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GolBox S SPORT + FIT & FUN is a multi-functional sports and recreation field. Fields GolBox S SPORT + FIT & FUN are innovative because in one structure were obtained three closely related functionality: sports field (zone SPORT), outdoor gym (FIT zone) and play area (zone FUN). Thanks to the original design, field GolBox S SPORT + FIT & FUN is a unique and comprehensive proposal on the development of the area intended for sports and recreation.

Fields GolBox S model SPORT + FIT & FUN consist of zone SPORT and zones FIT and FUN (optional 2x FIT zones or 2x FUN zones).
Standard size:

  •      field: 12mx20m
  •      football gate: 3mx2m
  •      band height: 117 cm
  •      bands of polyethylene plate: thickness 10 mm
  • synthetic grass
  • polyurethane

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